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OUT of the hamster wheel of grey everyday life, INTO nature and OUT onto the mountains. Experience the fresh morning breeze on a mountain hut in the Ötztal Alps. Feel the cold glacier water on your bare toes and let the views from the 3,000 metre peaks burn into your eyes.

Mountain Travel Service has been your partner for guided hiking and trekking tours in Ötztal since 2023 with local expertise, professionalism and an all-round carefree package.

Ibexes, alpine pastures, lakes & 3,000 metre peaks

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4-day hut trekking in the Ötztal valley

After an initial introductory meeting and a first overnight stay in the Ötztal valley, we head up to the Geigenkamm ridge above Umhausen with our certified mountain travel guides. 

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€ 689,-

Minimum number of participants per tour: 4 people
Maximum number of participants per tour: 10 people

Your Mountaintravel Guide


Hubert is not only a proud Ötztal native, but also a state-certified ski instructor, ski and hiking guide. He has been travelling the peaks of the Alps for decades. With skis or hiking boots, in summer and winter, the passionate hunter and experienced mountain sportsman is a sought-after tour guide and exclusive guide on Mountain Travel Service tours.

What counts on the mountain is the many years of experience of the local experts.

Good to know!

Frequently asked questions:

What happens in bad weather?

Rain, cooler temperatures or even snowfall are not uncommon in the mountains and are not an immediate reason to cancel hikes or activities. Weather conditions can change quite quickly in the Alps, so it is all the more important to have good equipment. In individual cases, our guide always decides directly on site whether the hike will take place or whether the risk is too great. The experiences on the mountain are often much more intense in changing weather conditions. So don't worry: our locals keep a cool head in every situation and know what to do.

How difficult or challenging are the tours?

All tours and stages are quite different in terms of difficulty. Basically, you can use key figures such as "walking time" and "metres in altitude" as a guide. The metres in altitude are always indicated as "ascent" or "descent", the walking times in pure movement at an average pace and without rest and breaks. Some alpine experience in hiking and touring is definitely an advantage, and you should also be familiar with the use of equipment (mountain boots, hiking poles, rucksack, etc.), but our tours offer great experiences for all mountain sports enthusiasts, from less experienced beginners to hiking pros. If in doubt, our Mountain-Travel-Guide can always provide precise information on the stages and difficulties.

What should you definitely have with you?

Appropriate equipment for alpine mountain hikes is a matter of course for all tours in the Alps. Sturdy hiking boots or mountain boots, breathable outdoor trousers, a rain jacket and a rucksack with provisions, drinks and a first aid kit are always part of the standard equipment for tours in the Alps. Sunglasses, sun cream, headgear such as a bandana, hiking hat or cap are also recommended, as is a warm second jacket, trekking poles and gloves if necessary. The choice of clothing should of course always be adapted to the current weather conditions and the duration and length of the tour.

What can I expect from an overnight stay in a mountain hut?

An overnight stay in a hut is not a wellness holiday. Sleeping places in the high mountains are limited and accommodation is usually organised in a multi-bed dormitory. A shirt and a change of underwear, a hut sleeping bag and your personal small wash bag are all you need for an overnight stay in a hut. You can confidently do without large luggage and unnecessary ballast, as you will have to carry all the weight in your own rucksack. Hot and cold drinks, breakfast, dinner and even a snack or lunch are always available in the huts and, depending on the package and tour, are sometimes already included in the booking price.

How do the booking, payment and travel arrangements work?

As a specialised tour operator, Mountain Travel Service provides an "all-round carefree" package for our participants. The offers for the individual tours can be requested in the respective form below and a customised, personal offer will then be sent by e-mail. As soon as this has been confirmed and the tour price has been transferred, the booking is considered confirmed. Mountain Travel Service organises all the services included in the package, so you don't have to worry about anything else. Only the drinks and individual consumption at the huts and in the valley are to be paid for personally and individually. 

CAUTION: Card payment or Apple Pay do not word at the huts, only CASH is accepted.

Can I take my dog with me?

In short: unfortunately not. Our tours take place in alpine terrain and our accommodation and transfer partners are carefully selected. Although there are certainly many dogs who have better manners than some hikers and also have more alpine experience, unfortunately dogs are not allowed on Mountain Travel Service tours. Our guides cannot take responsibility for dogs and pets. We concentrate fully on the all-round care and safety of our human participants.